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Can I hear people in the next room?

The lodge rooms were built using sound channel double wall construction and dropped acoustical ceilings to help prevent sound transfer between rooms.

Are there snacks and beverages on property?

Complimentary coffees, teas, sodas, juice, milk, trail mix, fruit, cereals, popcorn and even ice cream sandwiches are provided free 24 hours a day. There are grab-and-go lunch items and premium espresso-based coffee options available for purchase.

What if I do not like what is served for breakfast?

Each day we serve a bountiful breakfast that includes juice, freshly baked muffins or breads, fruit cup and the main entree. The entree changes daily and could be stuffed French toast, omelets or a country breakfast with all the fix ins to just name a few. If we are serving something that you do not like we will be glad to fix you oatmeal, pancakes or eggs and toast. Just let us know!

Are nightly desserts offered?

Absolutely! That is the best part about being on vacation. Every night we will put out a freshly baked dessert that will be out for the entire evening. Even if you get back at midnight.

Do I have to be in by a certain time?

You can come and go as you please. We do lock all outside doors after 8pm but you will have a key that will let you in when needed.

Is there a TV and DVD player in my room?

All our rooms have both a flat screen TV and DVD player. We even have over a 1000 free movie to choose from.

How about Hot Tub and Whirlpool Tubs?

We offer rooms that have a hot tub on a private deck and suites that have indoor whirlpool tubs. View all room types here.

Are the roads steep? Can I get there in the winter?

The roads to the lodge are all paved and not steep. We are in the foothills of the smoky mountains so nothing is flat but we have never had a problem with roads even in the winter. We get 4 to 5 storms in the winter but because the ground never freezes the roads are usually clear by 11 am in the morning if we get snow overnight.

Are the views for real?

Yes! All the of the photos of our views on our web site were taken from the lodge.